President’s Office, Academic Affairs and Human Resources is located in the 100 Quad
in the upper level of the college.

President’s Office

Daren Otten, Ed.D, Superintendent/President

Crisandra Kauffmann, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent/President
760.366.3791 ext 5441

Alma Correa, Dean of Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness
760.366.3791 ext 5279

Vacant, Public Relations & Event Specialist
760.366.3791 ext 5310

Academic Affairs

Melynie Schiel, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Ramon Abrego III
Dean of Instruction, Distance Education, and Learning Services

James Henderson
Dean of Instruction, Career Technical Education, and Career Services
760-366-3791 Ext. 5247

Ariana Muniz
Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs
760-366-3791 Ext. 5404

Sandra Segura
Educational Support Specialist
760-366-3791 ext. 5411

Natalie Packard
Administrative Assistant to Academic Affairs
760-366-3791 Ext. 5402

Brian Scott
Online Support
760-366-3791 Ext. 5999
Distance Education
Online Help line:  760-366-3791 Ext. 5911
Online Help email:

Shannon Frechette, Curriculum Assistant
760-366-3791 ext. 5405

Janie Ramstorf, Catalog and Educational Planning System Specialist
760-366-3791 Ext. 5406

Human Resources

Bonnie Bilger
Chief Human Resources Officer

Sharlah Harvey
Human Resources Specialist II
760.366.3791 ext 5431

Danielle Jackson
Human Resources Specialist II
760.366.3791 ext 5433

Photo of 卡塔尔世界杯竞彩 sculpture at College entrance